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Multiparker 760

  • Complete parking solutions | ELMAS
  • Complete parking solutions | ELMAS
  • Complete parking solutions | ELMAS

The advantages of Multiparker 760 System

The Multiparker 760 is suitable for construction cubes similar to a high rack made out of concrete, as tower or pit version. When ever bigger floor plan areas are available but project configurations featuring less parking levels, nevertheless the Multiparker 760 captures several hundred parking places per level.

At each level independently operating shuttles transfer and park the cars to concrete slab by way of the longitudinal pick-up transport system LAT. Short access and operation times are warranted.


- Automatically operated parking system for 40 to more than 100 cars
- As tower and/or pit version provided up to 30 parking levels high
- Multiple row arrangement with up to 3 parking rows behind each other
- Well adaptable to individual project requirements
- Safe for user and cars ( no narrow ramps, dark stairs, no damage caused by theft or vandalism)
- Customazible arrangement of transfer area
- No handling of empty pallets occurs to fast access times
- No ramps and driving lanes
- No costly illumination and ventilation necessary
- Different car heights possible, e.g. vans
- For car weight up to 2.5 t
- Easy operation with several control options, e.g. transponder chip or remote control
- Suitable residential- and office building an for public parking
- Following the idea of "Green-Parking"

Data sheet [pdf]Data sheet [pdf]

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